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So, for those of you who still watch for my existence, you've probably noticed that I've become all but inactive here.

Well, there's reason for this. I've recently started to become more focused on Tumblr, as I've noticed that I get much more reach and return from there than I've EVER gotten from here. 

So, to that end, I wanted to give you guys the links to my Tumblr, as well as my MusicTale AU and my reblog blog.

My art blog:

My reblog blog:

And my MusicTale AU blog:

When it comes to that last one, I made the desicion to switch it over to an ask blog, rather than a comic blog. So, if anyone wants to ask my DJ some questions, feel free to head on over. ^u^

Anywho, that's pretty much it for now. I don't think I'm gunna post much art here anymore, and will most likely be on here to favorite and comment on peoples art and stuff.

You can still message me here, but expect a bit of a delay, since Tumblr has become my primary place to be. 

Anywho, that's all for now. Hope you all have a great day/noon/evenin/night. And, as always, stay frosty. ^u^/)
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